Sharing Personal Achievements by Ivan Stein

Here is a brief quote from my upcoming book on spiritual growth…..

It is both natural and healthy to feel excited about your personal achievements, experiences and growth, however, what you do with that excitement will reflect your level of balance and understanding. If you chose to share a personal achievement or experience with someone else, it is important to consider why you are doing it, as well as how it may make other people feel.

Presenting something which has significance or importance in your life is a act which involves honesty, intention and awareness. Honesty, as we discussed earlier, is something which requires finesse and clarity of purpose, however, awareness is the most important issue to be considered when presenting any experience. It is important to recognize how the other person or people feel about what you are telling them. If you feel they are becoming uneasy, anxious or agitated, you must recognize that you are creating an uncentering experience for them. If you feel competition, hurt feelings, fear or resistance, you must recognize that this experience is developing into a control drama. And you must recognize when your achievements make others feel less adequate or even threatened.

In order to serve a positive purpose in sharing any experience, it must be done so in a way which promotes positive polarity and as a positive experience to those you are sharing with. If this is not accomplished, then you must consider where your own balance and intentions lie.

The key is to share information in a form and at a rate which can be absorbed by the listener. You must learn to be aware of the listeners balance and their threshold or ability to deal with the information that you are offering. You must learn to recognize when you are triggering an issue in the listener which they may not even be aware that they have. In other words, you must be willing to stop your conversation at any moment that you feel a person is resisting what you are saying.

An overwhelming urge to express your achievements to others reflects a need for recognition and an imbalance in your ability to accept and love yourself. A person of less balance and polarity will eagerly seek out other people with whom to share their experience. Just how many people they need to tell will reflect the degree of their imbalance.

A balanced and positive person is someone who has learned that worth, acceptance and love come from within and not from the acknowledgement of others. They are able to put an achievement into perspective, pat themselves on the back and absorb the beauty of the experience without a need to express that experience to others. Telling other people is of little or no importance to the balanced person who will only consider telling another person if they are asked to do so. And even when they are asked, the balanced person will use great wisdom in how they present the experience.