Sharing Personal Achievements by Ivan Stein

Here is a brief quote from my upcoming book on spiritual growth…..

It is both natural and healthy to feel excited about your personal achievements, experiences and growth, however, what you do with that excitement will reflect your level of balance and understanding. If you chose to share a personal achievement or experience with someone else, it is important to consider why you are doing it, as well as how it may make other people feel.

Presenting something which has significance or importance in your life is a act which involves honesty, intention and awareness. Honesty, as we discussed earlier, is something which requires finesse and clarity of purpose, however, awareness is the most important issue to be considered when presenting any experience. It is important to recognize how the other person or people feel about what you are telling them. If you feel they are becoming uneasy, anxious or agitated, you must recognize that you are creating an uncentering experience for them. If you feel competition, hurt feelings, fear or resistance, you must recognize that this experience is developing into a control drama. And you must recognize when your achievements make others feel less adequate or even threatened.

In order to serve a positive purpose in sharing any experience, it must be done so in a way which promotes positive polarity and as a positive experience to those you are sharing with. If this is not accomplished, then you must consider where your own balance and intentions lie.

The key is to share information in a form and at a rate which can be absorbed by the listener. You must learn to be aware of the listeners balance and their threshold or ability to deal with the information that you are offering. You must learn to recognize when you are triggering an issue in the listener which they may not even be aware that they have. In other words, you must be willing to stop your conversation at any moment that you feel a person is resisting what you are saying.

An overwhelming urge to express your achievements to others reflects a need for recognition and an imbalance in your ability to accept and love yourself. A person of less balance and polarity will eagerly seek out other people with whom to share their experience. Just how many people they need to tell will reflect the degree of their imbalance.

A balanced and positive person is someone who has learned that worth, acceptance and love come from within and not from the acknowledgement of others. They are able to put an achievement into perspective, pat themselves on the back and absorb the beauty of the experience without a need to express that experience to others. Telling other people is of little or no importance to the balanced person who will only consider telling another person if they are asked to do so. And even when they are asked, the balanced person will use great wisdom in how they present the experience.

Creating Community

Many people have asked how they can prepare for the coming events or build a community with limited resources. The reality is there are only two ways to accomplish anything in our physical world, the first being time and the second being resources.  With enough time, very little resources are needed and with enough resources, very little time is needed.  Most people are trying to balance their lives and plans between the two.

If someone has enough time, they can learn the necessary skills, move to a remote (possibly free) location, start building their shelter or community, grow crops, and stock up on food, water and other resources taking as much time as needed.  This is exactly how ancient cultures started, grew, and went from a single farm to a town, and then on to a city.  If someone has enough money, they can hire others to do most of these activities for them and only need to focus on learning the necessary skills to live in community.  The main challenge at this moment in history is the time to prepare is running out.

It would be ideal if we all had the time to prepare the old fashioned way that didn’t require any money, but method can be very challenging in these economic times.  Most people have waited too long to understand or believe what is coming for Earth and mankind, but even fewer have taken the actions that are necessary to prepare.  This has created a preparation nightmare for most people as they have no plan, not enough skills or resources to implement a plan, and little understanding of what it will actually take to go through the coming events in peace and without suffering.

Even if no cosmic or geophysical events occur in the near future, the world is going to experience a series of socioeconomic events including a global financial collapse and global famine to an extreme never before experienced in human history.  These two events alone are going to change everyone’s lives forever as we can no longer continue our patterns of unchecked population growth, over consumption, and a growth model based on debt.  If you add even one more potential natural or man-made event, then the lives of our children and generations to come are also going to change forever.

Becoming sustainable is not as simple as many people might think.  If you read through the Project TriStar website, you will realize the challenges in becoming sustainable, in creating community, and especially in creating a self-sustainable off-the-grid community.  These challenges are exactly why most every culture or civilization in history has failed at their attempts to create a long-term self-sustainable existence.  The greed, stupidity, and arrogance of man became their undoing.

The intent of this website is to provide information that is mostly underestimated and necessary to give people the greatest chance of success in creating a self-sustainable community.  This site also includes a Community Design Simulator that provides one community design solution with a reasonable cost and that can be built in the time available, but it does cost money.  Again, if people had more time, experience or took action sooner, they could just use the information about creating community and head into nature.  This is no longer an option for most people as it can take years and even decades to become truly self-sustainable in an off-the-grid existence with little or no financial resources.

If you are familiar with any of the other sustainable, preparation, or bunker-style community designs out there, then you may already know that they generally charge $50,000 per adult and $25,000 per child to join these communities.  Using a more practical approach, the Project TriStar design can reduce these costs significantly depending on the number of community members and the services provided by the community.  We feel pleased that we have been able to provide such a solution at this most critical time, but also realize there are many with no means to participate financially in their preparation plans.

It’s important to mention that the Community Design Simulator is not yet an exact model and there are things that can be done to reduce the costs even further.  One might be to construct your community facility above ground rather than below ground.  This could save as much as 30% or more from the total cost and reduce development time significantly.  Another might be to reduce or eliminate the purchase and storage of reconstruction materials and other none essentials.  Another might be to build out some of the container features on your own rather than having them prefabricated.  This option requires skills, but many people have these skills or know someone who does.

The Project TriStar structural design is just one possible template for community development and with the added components of preparing for the Possible Earth Events, being completely off-the-grid, and self-sustainable.  Any changes to the Project TriStar plan depends as much on your belief in what community means and your financial resources as they do on your belief of what natural or man-made events might transpire.  The reality is that there are infinite options and possibilities to preparation, but it all starts with taking action.

Of course, this is exactly where community comes in.  There are only two ways to manifest anything in a person’s life, either by yourself or together with other people.  Unfortunately, most people have not yet gained the skills that would enable them to manifest everything they need or desire in life, completely on their own.  These skills often take lifetimes of growth and experiential learning about the laws of nature and the universe, as well as a devotion and dedication to personal growth.  Those who have put in this effort have been able to gain the knowledge or resources to wake up soon enough, take action soon enough, and come together with others who provide some of the resources they do not have on their own.  This is the art of manifestation.

For those who have not yet gained this knowledge on their own, there is still time and opportunity, but it will not happen if people are convinced they do not have the time or resources to succeed.  By the laws of manifestation, convincing ourselves of something absolutely attracts that experience.  So, the first step is realizing that anything and everything is possible.  The second step is to get in the game of life and start taking action.  The third step is to find others who are like-minded and interested in planning and creating a sustainable community.  Remember, getting together with other people is the only way to manifest something that you have been unable to manifest on your own.

What people tend to forget about the universe is that it responds to every thought, word, and action.  This is called the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, or manifestation.  The belief that you do not have enough “money” closes the door to the possibilities the universe has to offer and would willingly provide if that door were open.

Sure, many people are struggling financially in these times, and many more have struggled their entire lives or for generations.  The reality is that we can all stop struggling by learning how to take action more consciously.  This doesn’t mean that someone needs to retreat into solitude in order to learn the art of manifestation.  There may not be enough time to master those skills on a personal level in this lifetime.  What it does mean is to start taking action and responsibility for seeking and finding other like-minded people.

Until people come into a group (the beginning of community), they will not realize what each individual in the group offers to the whole.  In other words, one person may be a farmer; another a builder; another a medical practitioner; and yet another someone with finances who wishes to help others.  These are just minor examples of the possibilities of manifesting in a group.  To think this is not possible is both self defeating and self destructive.  To believe this is possible is exactly what most people will need in order to make their dreams of community into a reality.

How do you find like-minded people?  You search, research, network, and stop being afraid to openly express your feelings about the coming events or about the desire to prepare.  Many people have been protecting themselves in fear of judgment at the exact time they need to be expressing themselves to the world so the universe can respond to these thoughts and actions.  It all starts with meeting one other person with a similar idea.  This more than doubles the response from the universe.  As you continue to locate other like-minded people, your combined abilities to manifest either the people with the skills or the resources to help accelerate your plan, increases exponentially.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to life or to the experiential lessons of life.  The lessons before everyone are to get out of fear and self limiting thought, expose yourself and your vulnerabilities to the world, get into the game of life and take action.  These are necessary steps to move into a world where anything and everything is possible.  Until people take these steps, they may remain trapped in their inability to see clear solutions.

With Love and Blessings,

Ivan “Evon” Stein

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Community Development Timeline

As we continue moving closer to the infamous 2012, it seems appropriate to address some of the questions related to the commitments, timing, and development of the Project TriStar community.

First and foremost, Project TriStar provides the opportunity to participate in the co-creation of a self-sustainable environment that is rapidly becoming essential for the long-term existence of humanity on planet Earth.  The Project TriStar community and Global Initiative are about working towards this goal with a conscious, balanced, and practical understanding of both the spiritual and physical worlds.

How we get from here to there may be one of the most important questions and appears to be of growing concern for those who believe that our lives are about to change dramatically.

As a spiritual community founded on universal and natural laws, Project TriStar understands the importance of operating in alignment with the Law of Cause and Effect, also known as the Law of Manifestation. The Law of Manifestation can be represented by three simple steps: visualization, belief, and patience.  This means that every action to plan, finance, and build the community is taken with an understanding of our individual and combined experiences and universal timing.

The Project TriStar community is not being planned and developed out of haste, fear, or needs that may be the result of perceived or personal timetables.  This means the timeline for the community development is defined by our combined experiences and actions and the completion date for the community will be defined by the development progress.

The Project TriStar founding members are committed to the development of this community in a harmonic and co-creative manner.  Actions on behalf of the community are taken when they are deemed appropriate and with deliberate motive and intent.  This means that any predictions and expectations are replaced with a common vision, awareness of the experiences that move the community forward, and a balanced understanding of how and when to take action.

For those who are interested in the Project TriStar community or creating their own community, the following information may be useful as it provides a grounded basis for what appears to be a very anxious and confusing time for many people.

Our research into these times has always revolved around a sequence of events which is often referred to as the “timeline”.  Through this research, it initially appeared that there was a correlation between the timeline of future man-made and natural events with the year 2012.  Through ongoing research into current events and future probabilities of both the spiritual and physical worlds, Project TriStar has come to realize the correlation of the timeline with the year 2012 is not accurate.

Our world is experiencing an increase in severity and frequency of natural disasters, weather changes, and events of a cosmic and global significance.  Every day there is also increasing evidence that any possible cataclysmic events of a cosmic and geophysical nature will not occur prior to 2013.  Even now, there are prominent speakers in this field who are providing new insights into the timing of these major events.

Although these insights and predictions may appear to be more realistic and in alignment with ongoing current events, it’s become increasingly important to realize there is no need to predict the date of these future events, but simply to pay attention to current events and our own inner divine guidance.  In other words, as events on a global and personal level unfold, we will gain greater clarity into the timing and arrival of any cosmic and geophysical events.

The founding members of Project TriStar believe there are a number of events on the global timeline that are designed into this reality as part of our global experience and global awakening.  We understand that many people may not agree with this belief and feel that the consciousness of humanity or some other higher consciousness will or has already altered the timeline and thus eliminated these events from ever happening.

At Project TriStar, we believe there are several events remaining on the global timeline that will unfold prior to the arrival of any possible cataclysmic cosmic and geophysical events.  We believe the following events have not been stopped or altered and will be experienced by all of humanity in the near future, but not necessarily in this order.

  • WWIII which is supposed to last for approx 3.5 years (hasn’t started yet)
  • Global economic collapse (barely started, but there is a long way to go yet)
  • The redistribution of wealth so those who are working to prepare and help others have greater access to resources.
  • China becoming the new global super power (approaching, but will require the collapse of most global financial markets)
  • Appointment of the last Pope in history with the same name as the first Pope (Peter the Roman)
  • The Pope moves out of the Vatican for the first time in history and most likely in preparation for a coming attack on the Vatican due to global tension and ongoing ethnic and religious cleansing
  • Global famine reaching nearly 50% of the population (will only occur after the global economic collapse)
  • Global martial law as a result of war, famine, and the resulting chaos

The complete list of events remaining on the global timeline is lengthy, but if you believe they will occur prior to the cataclysmic cosmic and geophysical events, then you can see that it will take more than one or two years for all of these events to unfold.  If you believe in this perspective then the understanding that 2012 is likely to become another Y2K may be the one of the most important realizations of these times.  In fact, it is quite understandable why the year 2012 will become a non-event as it will provide huge opportunities for growth on every level of consciousness.

The result of such a non-event will be an increase or decrease in commitment by those who are planning or taking action out of fear and anxiety and those of a balanced and grounded spiritual understanding.  Such a non-event will also provide a natural filter of those that truly believe achieving self-sustainability is necessary for the future of humanity with those that believe nothing will happen and there is no need to plan for anything.

As we begin to understand the man-made events on the timeline and the global politics that has created them, it becomes obvious that such events are planned and orchestrated over periods of decades in order to accomplish very specific goals.  This doesn’t mean that nothing is going to occur between now and 2013.  We can certainly imagine the ongoing decay in global economic conditions, an increase in hostility between nations, and continued movement towards a one world government with new monetary systems. We can also imagine the continuous and exponential acceleration of conscious awakening, awareness, and expansion through these times.

As a co-creative effort of the combined capabilities and consciousness of every community member, it’s important that each member is in alignment with a common understanding of how the Law of Manifestation applies to the community planning and development.  If this understanding is not comfortable to an applicant or member, or the progress of the community development is of concern, then applicants and members must decide whether the Project TriStar community is the best match.

We, at Project TriStar, are comfortable with our understanding of the available timeline data and the process of manifestation as it relates to our personal lives and the path to co-creating this conscious sustainable community. We accept that others may not find this process comfortable and may choose to take other actions. Either way, it is up to the individual to determine what they believe and what actions are in alignment with those beliefs.

We hope those who visit this website, find a piece to their individual puzzle. Maybe something that clicks, that provides greater clarity, that opens a door, or that triggers an entirely new list of possibilities.

Below you will find links to some personal interviews and lectures that I have produced on a variety of subjects. Some of this material is provided through other pages, other websites, and YouTube, but they have been combined here for your convenience.


With Love and Blessings,

Ivan “Evon” Stein

Project TriStar Founder
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